• Highest level of acne-fighting medicine allowed without a prescription (2% salicylic acid).
  • Pore-tightening grapefruit extract leaves your skin feeling refreshed.
  • 67% bigger than ordinary acne pads to lift away more deep-down dirt and oil and go beyond the face to treat other acne-prone body parts.
  • Effective skin cleansers that work to remove dirt, oil, and sweat from the surface of the skin. The medication penetrates to unclog pores and dissolve deep-down oil – getting what soaps and face washes leave behind!
  • Recommended for oily and acne prone skin, helps to prevent new acne from appearing.
  • Each pad is specially textured for great cleansing with a great feel whether you want scrubbing or smooth, soft application.
  • Alcohol-free to avoid dryness from everyday use.